domingo, 17 de abril de 2016

April TBR

Hey guys, here I'm with my (again) belated TBR. I think that I finally found my groove when it comes to reading, this year I'm not on such a binge reading mood as I was these past couple of years but I'm fine with that, I still am reading but some days I just don't feel like reading or even coming close to a book, and that's 100% okay. I've been reading around one book per week I guess, at the start of the year I read more and now with my classes I've been reading less which is understandable. 

In March I read a total of 9 books, between those 1 was a novella and 3 were re-reads, so I guess it was more than one book per week, I'm surprised by this number but a lot of the books were mandatory reading which is usually less than 300 pages so it's easy to see how I accomplished this. I read all the books of my mandatory reading which YAY for me and from my optional TBR I read 2, Seven Brief Lessons of Physics and We Should All Be Feminists, I started Mortals but I keep getting distracted by other books. 

For my April TBR I'm focusing more on my mandatory readings for my lit class, I think I'll try to read the most possible of it and try to finish the first "batch" of readings for this class so I can take a rewarding month of readings that I'm excited about and I've not had the time to read yet. I already read Dançar Tango em Porto Alegre and Tropicalia, my goal is to get to Morangos Mofados and The Hour of the Star, if I get to those and I still have time I would like to read Gota d'água and A noite das mulheres cantoras, because them I would only have two more books for next month (the two biggest but still). I don't know if I'll be able to get to all those because there is some series finales coming out this month like The Raven King and The Rose and the Dagger, so we will see.

Wish me good luck and tell what is in your TBR this month.