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Dressing Up The Part: Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl

Hey guys, today I'm here again with the feature Dressing Up The Part, this time around I'm getting to dress up an old favorite character of mine: Blair Waldorf from the Gossip Girl series. I gathered influences from both the books and the tv show, since I was completely obsessed with both of those on my teen years. For the collages I used the site Polyvore. There may be mild spoilers. 

This one is a daily look, for when she is going to shop with Serena on the 5th Avenue or Soho, or even just chill on the Central Park. I mixed the colors, the print and the glittered detail on the shirt because I think that Blair always risked on her looks mixing different tendencies and bold colors. The hair is on a more elaborated way because even being an informal occasion Blair would never be that informal.

When I was doing this I was thinking on Blair on law school or already having her own office. The jewels of pearls are always a classic but mixed with the fur and the floral skirt it gave the look more life and more of a Blair face to it, always classy but also always launching new trends.
Now, couldn't forget about date night with Chuck and Blair will want to look her best for those of course. I chose more of a clear aspect this time around, with white and pink, the only stamp being on the shoes. The jewels are what give the finale touch for this look and that really stand out, because obvs Blair will want everyone to see the giant rock that Chuck put on her finger and get jealous.

That was it for this edition, I hope you guys enjoyed this one I really had fun since Blair has such a unique fashion sense. There will probably be a Serena edition too, so stay tuned for that and until next time! 

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