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February TBR

Hey guys, today I'm here to show you my February TBR and also to update you on how well did I go with my January TBR. 

For the first time ever, I'm pleased to say I followed my TBR YAY for victory, commitment, planning, there was times that I didn't know if I wanted to follow it or if I would made it but I kept trying and it worked, it was great to not have the anxiety of choosing a new book every time I finish a book and since this was something that was really bothering me I'll keep doing TBR's as long as it helps me.

On my January I read a total of 6 books and only one of those weren't on my TBR. I started with Seraphina and tried to read Shadow Scale right away for my series challenge but it didn't worked out for me, the second book of this series is so slow and I expected war and dragons but what I got was travelling around and doing nothing. The others are Lady Renegades, Scan, First & Then (check out the giveaway I'm doing for this one), Symptoms of Being Human (review here) and Unhooked. Honestly my reading month wasn't the best in terms of books, there wasn't any OMG NEW FAVORITE and there was one super disappointment for me, I was for a lot of the time feeling really slumpish, there was some days that I didn't read at all and I know there is a lot of people who do that but is not something natural for me, I usually ALWAYS read before bed, like ALWAYS since I can remember but there was days that I just didn't felt like picking up a book at all, oh well, on to the next TBR.

Physical TBR

This month I'll try to read the Red Queen series, I mean the books that are already out of this series, I'll be getting Glass Sword when it's released and them I plan on binge reading them all, I honestly don't know if this counts for the series challenge I'm doing but oh well, whatever is what I fell interested on reading right now. 

Digital TBR

This month has stored some exciting new reads on the releases front! First I want to go with The Girl From Everywhere which I've been hearing nothing but praise since early reviews started to pop up, I want to try The Shadow Queen too, despite never having read anything by Redwine I'm excited it sounds so good and early reviews have been more positive than negative, Kingdom of Ashes is the follow up for A Wicked Thing which I read on 2014 and enjoyed, I just hope this one has more of a plot, them finally Thanks For The Trouble is also on my list, this sounds like such a great quirky contemporary read, I love contemporary and the synopses/cover of this one left me pumped to reading it. 

That is it for my February TBR, I hope this month is better in terms of reading mood for me and see you on March with my next TBR. 

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