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March TBR

Hey guys, I've been pretty absent around the bookish community, not just here but on Goodreads and Twitter too and that is because of my studies, my classes officially started on March but I started studying in February so I've been busy and when I'm not busy with my studies I just want lay down and read or watch tv shows. Also, I think is best for me to stay a little bit off around here because the bookish community was giving me so much anxiety about my readings and so far this month it has really worked for me to stay a bit apart, maybe I'll do a discussion post about these feelings because thinking about it I have a lot of things to say.

ANYWAY, about my reading in February, for like half of the month I followed my TBR and them the rest of it I threw it out of the window and read whichever thing I was in the mood for. I read a total of 6 books, 3 from my TBR and 3 out of it. I started with The Girl From Everywhere (which is a super solid start to a new series, some bother with the non necessary love triangle but other than that great read), a re-read of Fantastic Beasts because I finally got myself a printed copy of it, Rebel of Sands (which is another great start to a new series), This Is Where It Ends (was a mixed bag, you can see my review here, probably should paste it to the blog soon), them I tried and failed again on my A Series A Month challenge with the Red Queen series only reading the first one and the novelas (my quick thoughts on book one and novelas). 

I enjoyed more the books that I read this month than on January but still I was in a funk reading mood, with days without reading and days where I read and was kind of enjoying what I was reading but at the same time was "nah, rater go back to netflix". Glad to say that at this point in March this is over, I found my reading pace and yes it has been slower than in the past few years but it has been more pleasing to me, also regarding this my TBRs have changed - first because of my classes, but secondly, and more important, because I've been feeling the need to branch out of the YA zone.

Don't get me wrong YA is great, is def my favorite gender to read and for comfort but this month I've been reading mostly classics and it has been great! I'm finding it so different and pleasing to be surprise by these new reading experiences, I don't know when there is gonna be a kiss, damn if even there is gonna be a kiss on the whole story and I'm discovering a lot of things. I just bought 4 books today and not a single one of them are YA, actually checking them they are ALL non fiction which is a completely new gender to me.

Now, on to the TBR. I did this TBR in my agenda/study schedule/bullet journal/everything notebook at the end of February and just was lazy to post it here. They are all classics that I need to read for my Literature Class and I already tackled two and am in the end of the third, so that is why there is the two TBRs. 

Mandatory TBR

For my lit reading I already read Dom Casmurro by Machado de Assis (thoughts here) and The Slum by Aluísio Azevedo (thoughts here). I'm currently re-reading some poems by Fernando Pessoa and next it will be up some sermons by António Vieira. As you can see I'm almost finished with these readings and the month still has a long way to go so that is why I decided to do an optional TBR.

Optional TBR

These are all the books that I bought today because I'm so excited to finally get them this week and read something out of my comfort zone. The one that I'm most excited about is definitely Being Mortal by Atul Gawande - I've heard amazing things about his works especially his first book but this was the only one in story so yay, I'm excited, the others are Seven Brief Lessons on Physics by Carlo Rovelli - this one caught my attention because damn do I need to finally understand physics this year and it seems to relate it with nature and the universe in general, so I'm curious to read about it, and them Americanah and We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie which everyone seems to be reading and loving, I hope I enjoy it as much, can't wait to read about her ideas! 

That was it for today, tell me on the comments if you read any of these books and what is in YOUR March TBR. 

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