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2015 Reading Challenges

Hey guys, how you doing in this holiday season? Everything here is pretty good and I'm just enjoying this month to really read A LOT but anyway, today I'm here to announce that I'll be participating on some exciting reading challenges during 2015! I'm usually terrible at making TBR's and following them but I think this challenges will work out first, 'cause I'm not gonna try to achieve some crazy numbers and second 'cause I have good motivations to do them (aka amazing & exciting books to read).

The first challenge will be Flights of Fantasy hosted by Alexa & Rachel which is a very low key challenge to basically just read as much fantasy as you want through 2015, amazing right? You can join in and get to know more about the challenge on the sing-up post. I have always been a fantasy reader, since childhood my favorite books were Harry Potter and LOTR but since these last years I just found myself not as much immersed on this gender as I would like, so this challenge is perfect! I will attempt to read 30 fantasy books which is 10 more than I read this year but I specially hope to tackle some high/epic fantasy weapons monsters books that I already have on my shelves like third GoT, and some Brandon Sanderson. 

This challenge came from heaven! I love to re-read books but with so many books always on my TBR I find myself guilt for spend my time re-reading some books, but now I have a pretty good excuse to take my favorites from the shelves and curled up with them again. This challenge is hosted by Hannah & Kelly and you can join in & find out more about this challenge on the sing-up post. I'm aiming to re-read 12 books next year, at least one at each month to give the pleasure to break from schedule when I fell like it or am in a sort of slump, some of the books that I'm hoping to get to are: all of the Harry Potter - it's been years since I re-read them all, it's about time to re-visit my favorite series of all times! -, some Tolkien - this will count for both challenges! Also I read The Hobbit, and The fellowship of the Ring and The two towers but never got around to read The return of the King, so it's about damn time to re-read those to finish this series -, also on the note of re-reading to finish a series is Percy Jackson - I read all of them except for the last two of the Blood of Olympus series, so yeah re-read to read! 

That was it for now guys, but I hope you're all having an amazing end of year and that 2015 will bring even more exciting books & blogging things for our lives!

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