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January: Paranormal

Hey guys, so I'm always trying to make TBR's (and I DO try to stick with them, despite what may seem like) but you know what they say trying and failing is how we learn and all that jazz so I realized that I DID managed to stick to books on my TBR's that are on audio format more easily - probably because they're such a practical way of reading - so now on I'm gonna do TBR's on long term (monthly term actually) only for my audio reads. So yeah, this is an audio TBR post. 

Also, I thought it would be fun to make each month a themed month sort of thing, which means each month I will pick a *thing* (a gender like paranormal, fantasy, contemporary but also sometimes I can pick like creatures like mermaids or another month a author like Meg Cabot) to 
be the theme of the said month TBR. This month as the title and banner said is all about PARANORMAL.

I chose this primarily because I was doing a binge series read of "The Mediator" by Meg Cabot since the end of december and had already checked out some other paranormal series from the library so it was the obvious choice. But I do love this gender, it was what get me into the YA gender with Twilight and I missed so much good series on the last years that I just need this month to catch up on what I missed.

Some of the books that I hope to get to this month:

Hopefully I will get to at least all of these but we will see, so did you guys already read these series? Are they any good? Which ones are the ones that I NEED to get to this month? 

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