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Dressing Up The Part: Cress of the Lunar Chronicles

Hey guys, today I'm here with a new feature. Just recently I discovered Polyvore, which is a site to create collages, there some different stiles and one of them is on fashion; now I always liked to play dress up but never really had done it focusing on characters from books but now I started and am addicted so here I'm. Hope you enjoy it, this time around I played dress up on Cress, the Lunar character from the Lunar Chronicles, as I said on my review I quite liked Cress personality and I hope to have translated it well to this clothes. There may be mildly spoilers to Winter.


This one was based on the favoritism of Cress for wearing dresses on her satellite, so I was thinking that when she was aboard the Rampion, using her mad hacker skills she would prefer to use a dress as well. She will also let her hair grow because she misses having something to hold on to when she is solving a computer problem or is nervous. The heels is for her height difference with Thorne, I mean from time to time she will try to make it not so big.


This second one I was thinking on a more formal way, but still approachable. It's for the times the crew will go visit they *very important* friends, like you know the Emperor of the Commonwealth or the Queen of Luna, basic stuff. Of course, it isn't for a formal appearance, just that little dinner between old friends. 
The last but not least was probably my favorite of the three, I just loved the mix of yellow and kind of pink, idk what color the skirt and the flats are but yeah. This is for a date night, just between Cress and Thorne, without their friends, it's simple but very delicate and romantic as I like to think Cress would like.

So that was it for this edition, I hope to get back with this feature soon (despite my horrible ways on keeping anything frequent around here). Tell me on the comments what did you think of these combinations and if you have done something similar with your favorite characters too.  

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