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DNF Round #1

Hey guys, so over the course of my readings I always end up with some DNF books and some of them are from publishers and I never know what to do with it, so I though in doing a post about these books. So from time to time I'll gatter the last books that I DNFed and will talk a little about them, it may help you to pick them up or decide to not pick up.

Me Since You by Laura Wiess
Published by MTV Books on February 18, 2014
Received from Publisher 
Read until 51 percent

This book was probably the hardest to put down because I started really liking it, since the start the relationship between Rowan and her father was touching and I really liked the friendship-possible-romance between her and Eli but this book hit a point where it was so depressing that it became painful to read it and I could only read in small doses - until I couldn't take anymore.

I think readers who like books about grief and depression will love this one since is extremely touching but be aware that is very realistic and doesn't take short cuts when showing the pain of Rowan situation.

I'll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson 
Published by Dial Books on September 16, 2014
Received from Publisher
Read until Chapter 2 

I have always heard amazing things from Jandy Nelson's first book "The Sky is Everywhere" and when I got a chance to read this early I couldn't say no, but unfortunately this didn't worked out for me. The only reason for me to put this down was the writing, I'm usually all aboard for purple prose but I just couldn't, it was way too much for my tastes and it kind of ruined the narrative and made me not get into the book.

Probably readers who already liked Nelson's debut novel will enjoy this one too, also people who like artistic/lyrical writing and purple prose.

Winterspell by Claire Legrand
Published by Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers on September 30, 2014
Received from Publisher
Read until 30 percent

I WAS SO EXCITED FOR THIS BOOK! The pretty cover! The retelling element! A fantasy book with kick ass heroine! But yeah it didn't worked for me. At first it was really slow, but I though sometimes fantasy books are like that you know? Them we have some action scene where the villain of sorts is so freaking weird and the things that are happening I was just like "WTF". Them we have a statue that came to live and it's hinted that will be a love story between THE CENTURIES OLD STATUE AND SEVENTEEN YEAR OLD CLARA (who was already in love with the statue before the statue came to life, just...) but I put it down when there was happening some chasing, that was supposed to be life or death kind of scene, and I was just bored the hell out of me and waiting for it to be over.

I don't really know to who recommend this one because I really disliked its beginning, so I'll leave you to some positive reviews so you can decide for yourself: x, x & x.

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