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Why I'm in Love with Audiobooks

Hey guys, so today I was just thinking in sharing with you my love for the audiobooks which is something really recent for me - I only just started listening to them on October but since them I can't get enough of them! So these are the reasons why I love them so much (and my way to make you want to try one):

5. Time going to and from college now is spend reading: I have to tell you all, when I started college I struggled with having to slow down the pace of my reading 'cause so many things to study! I had tried to carry a physical book with me but it was not as comfortable and I kept getting distracted while reading on the bus so when I tried an audiobook and successfully listened without getting lost on the book through my way to college and home I had a winner.

4. It's so good to listen to someone tell you a story: Guys, guys, you have to hear me on this one. Remember those days where you get home from school/college/work and your brain is just so tired that you can't even think on doing any more tasks that require brain function like reading? Well, with audiobooks I just found out that I can still read while brain dead if someone is reading it to me! Now is like, I can study anatomy for hours and them when I want to relax I just put my headphones on and get some chill time with my book. (this sounded so much like a commercial what even)

3. I can multitask while listening: Okay, so basically my multitask is playing The Sims 4 (since  I can't do much more than play The Sims while listening 'cause I need to pay some attention to what I'm reading ya know) but who cares, it's so easy when I don't have to decide if I want to read or play The Sims all night 'CAUSE I CAN DO BOTH! 

2. I can get to those backlist books that I've been meaning to read for ages and complete series that I'm not all that head over heels: most of the audiobooks that I've been listening aren't books that I'm like super excited about or aren't at the top of my priority list, like I was always curious about Simone Elkeles books but wasn't in any soon plan for me to read but when I got an adiobook for it I listened to it right away. Or like, The selection series, which I had already read the first two books and needed to read the third one to finish it (until a forth one was announced, argh) but wasn't exactly looking forward for the experience, so I found the use of a audiobook perfect for pass me through it. 

1. It makes so much easier to achieve my readings goals/TBR's: I have to tell ya' it's way easier to keep me on my TBR if some of the books are audiobooks, I usually can ignore my mood and just go with the narration. It also makes my reading in general being... Bigger, like last month I read 10 books, and 4 of these were audiobooks which I would probable not get around to read if wasn't for the practical way of these form of reading. 

So yeah, just to make myself clear I FREAKING AM IN LOVE WITH AUDIOBOOKS, they're so practical and make me feel so efficient with my reading schedule - this month I'm trying some bigger audios and let's see how it will go. Stay tuned to some audiobook reviews and I hope you soon give yourself the pleasure of trying one & feel good about your decision as I do. 

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