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Doctor Who: The Glamour Chronicles

Hey guys, today I'm here to share my two other reviews of the series Doctor Who: The Glamour Chronicles. You can find my review of Royal Blood, the third book of the series, here.
[These books where given to me by the Publisher, this in no way affected my opinion.]

Deep Time by Trevor Baxendale
Series: Doctor Who: The Glamour Chronicles
Published on September 10, 2015 by BBC Books

‘I do hope you’re all ready to be terrified!’
The Phaeron disappeared from the universe over a million years ago. They travelled among the stars using roads made from time and space, but left only relics behind. But what actually happened to the Phaeron? Some believe they were they eradicated by a superior force… Others claim they destroyed themselves.
Or were they in fact the victims of an even more hideous fate?
In the far future, humans discover the location of the last Phaeron road – and the Doctor and Clara join the mission to see where the road leads. Each member of the research team knows exactly what they’re looking for – but only the Doctor knows exactly what they’ll find. Because only the Doctor knows the true secret of the Phaeron: a monstrous secret so terrible and powerful that it must be buried in the deepest grave imaginable…
Having read all three books of The Glamour Chronicles I can affirm that Deep Time is my favorite of the bunch, this book had all great things of a sci-fi novel for me. I loved the start, on the space ship where we get to know the crew, sci-fi that actually passes on space where definitely my favorites. Them the survival part on a unknown planet, we had some great elements of emotional impact, also some pretty disgusting things (insects blegh) and I turned the pages like a maniac, I read this one in one night and it was amazing. It's the one that, for me, translated the twelfth doctor best to the pages, it didn't exaggerated on the eccentrics of his personality but on the more emotional and human side that the doctor has developed through the seasons. If you only want to read one of the books of this new series of the Doctor, stay with this one you won't regret it.

Big Bang Generation by Gary Russell
Series: Doctor Who: The Glamour Chronicles
Published on September 10, 2015 by BBC Books

“I'm an archaeologist, but probably not the one you were expecting.”
Christmas 2015, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
Imagine everyone's surprise when a time portal opens up in Sydney Cove. Imagine their shock as a massive pyramid now sits beside the Harbour Bridge, inconveniently blocking Port Jackson and glowing with energy. Imagine their fear as Cyrrus "the mobster" Globb, Professor Horace Jaanson and an alien assassin called Kik arrive to claim the glowing pyramid. Finally imagine everyone's dismay when they are followed by a bunch of con artists out to spring their greatest grift yet.
This gang consists of Legs (the sexy comedian), Dog Boy (providing protection and firepower), Shortie (handling logistics), Da Trowel (in charge of excavation and history) and their leader, Doc (busy making sure the universe isn't destroyed in an explosion that makes the Big Bang look like a damp squib).
And when someone accidentally reawakens The Ancients of the Universe - which, Doc reckons, wasn't the wisest or best-judged of actions – things get a whole lot more complicated…
Oh boy, Big Bang Generation was the last one that I read of The Glamour Chronicles and unfortunately this was a disappointment. We start the story getting to know a bunch of new characters, where each one wants something different from the Glamour and we only get to see this scenario clearly about 30% or something in so for a few chapters I was just so focused on trying to attach everyone with their names/personalities that it got a little hard to enjoy the story. But them things kick in, action start to happen and I finally understood the story and it was meh, this one (as you can see for the title) relies on a thing that on the DW series kind of is a trope already and it wasn't my favorite. But probably my biggest complaint is that, despite this being a Doctor Who book we get so little of the actual Doctor, the narrative is on third person and keeps changing from one character to the other, having so many new characters we spend most of the time getting to know them than spending time with the Doctor, honestly at the ending I felt like this was a story that could have been completely independent of the Doctor, like this was a already imagined story that the Doctor was put there only as another character because it was a requirement to make into the Glamour Chronicles. Overall my least favorite of them and I can't really recommend it.

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