sexta-feira, 5 de agosto de 2016

August TBR

Hey guys, it's been a while since I done a TBR, mostly because I was studying and didn't felt like compromising with something other than that, but last month I created a new shelf on my GR called "should have read it already" which are basically books that I have been dying to read since its release, mostly are backlist books, some I already own, some I plan on getting, but all are books that I'm excited to read, so now my TBR's are gonna be focusing on that shelf and they won't be as strict. 

How it will work: I plan on having on this shelf about 20-10 books until 2017 so that it can truly be a "next up" sort of thing, right now it has 50+, I already read 69 books this year so I think it's manageable if I don't stray too far from it until the end of 2016. I'll not choose the books I plan on reading, or even define a number of books for this month, since my classes are back and things are going to get intense again, until November my studies are going to drain a lot of time and energy from me, so I don't want my readings to be something strict and mandatory, since it will be part of my little free time. 

Basically I'll pick whenever books I feel like it reading from the choices bellow and go with the flow, next month I'll update you guys in my progress and which books I read. Recently I've been craving contemporary and fluffy, romantic stories so I'll probably prioritize the contemporaries between these and I'm already reading A court of mist and fury, which isn't in there but I plan on finishing this month.

Let me know if you already read one of those and which ones you recommend me to get into sooner rather than later! 

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