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My Soul To Lose - Rachel Vincent

My Soul To Lose by Rachel Vincent
Series: Soul Screamers #0.5
Published on July 1, 2009 by Harlequin Teen

It was supposed to be a fun day, shopping at the mall with her best friend. Then the panic attack started and Kaylee Cavanaugh finds herself screaming, unable to stop. Her secret fears are exposed and it's the worst day of her life.

Until she wakes up in the psychiatric unit.

She tries to convince everyone she's fine--despite the shadows she sees forming around another patient and the urge to scream which comes burbling up again and again. Everyone thinks she's crazy. Everyone except Lydia, that is. Another patient with some special abilities....

"An eBook exclusive prequel to Rachel Vincent's SOUL SCREAMERS series."

I've been wanting to read something from Rachel Vincent ever since I discovered her books, but I never seemed to find the time to do it, so I prioritized started her first (I think) YA series, Soul Screamers, I was a bit wary because it's paranormal and it was published right on the fever of Twilight, so it could go very wrong but a lot of people enjoyed this series.

I'm impressed by this short novella, it doesn't fall into YA paranormal cliches and it didn't read like anything I ever read before. For starters a lot of it passes on a psychiatric ward, where Kaylee is because of what the doctor believe to be a psychotic break-down, I have to say that the way the whole experience is treated is a bit worrisome because it doesn't shine a very positive light on psychiatrists and/or seeking treatments but also I understand why it's portrait this way, since we, readers, know that what Kaylee is passing isn't a break-down but a paranormal experience.

That being said, the atmosphere on this short story is pretty on point with what I would want from paranormal reads, it starts of quite a normal thing, with regular girls shopping but it turns into a kind of nightmare when Kaylee has the vision, gets interned and everyone is claiming she has a mental health problem, it gets even more interesting when a girl from the hospital seems to be really interested on Kaylee too. 

Overall it was a really nice introduction of this series and it definitely made me pick up the first book right after finishing it, it doesn't show any signs of cliched paranormal stories, has a great atmosphere similar to suspenseful movies and I want to know more about Kaylee and her gift (or curse, who knows, not me). Recommended to lovers of YA paranormal that haven't still tried to read this series.

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