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PopCorn Corner: Bones - Season 3

Bones - Season 3 (2007 - 2008)
Created by Hart Hanson
Episodes: 15
Runtime: 43 min.
Rating: US TV-14
Genre: Crime Drama

Forensic anthropologist, Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan, and cocky FBI special agent Seeley Booth build a team to investigate murders - and quite often, there isn't more to examine than rotten flesh or mere bones.
Wow, guys, just wow, we can officially say that I'm hooked, the third season was the best so far like be leagues of the other two and I watched it in like three days (okay, it has less episodes than the other two, but still), I reached the state of "Only one more episode..." until Netflix would warm me to take a bathroom break.

The main reason for this is my investment in these characters, especially Temperance. She is my favorite character of the series and in this season this just got consolidated, with the prison of her father made by Booth she needs to deal with her feelings towards it, to her deal with her relationship with her father which is pretty strained to say the least, she also has to choose to will follow her heart and feelings instead of brain in a few situations and it was good to see this character growth arc on her.

I finally started to see the ship happening, we have quite a few cute scenes between them, like in the Halloween episodes (thought I still which it was a Clark Kent costume, just saying) and the episode with the baby, that he said "our baby" it was just afjvidjfav. I like that it's a slow burn and they definitely aren't rushing into things, but we can see the chemistry and their feelings building, it's gonna be pretty epic when they finally admit their feelings to each other.

A plot that really is dragging for me is the one between Hodges and Angela, they start with their search for Angela's husband but them things kind of... stop, and we never touch in the subject again, it was odd and right now I'm kind of wondering why the hell they are taking so long to resolve this plot, just let them get married already ugh.

Zack comes back from Iraq on the first episode but he is pretty fucked up, he's even more closed of and focused on the logic of things, instead of his feelings and dealing with whatever happened there - overall I really didn't liked his arc on this season, the actor got out of the show in the end of this season and they seemed to only realized this right at the last episode and had to create a half asset excuse so that his character would have an ending and it was bad, they tried to do some logical reasoning but didn't worked, I'm pretty disappointed.

We also have Sweets, a FBI psychologist that at first attends Booth and Temperance, I actually think he got introduced to him at the second season but whatever, he them get sort of into the team by doing criminal profiles, he is different a bit from the genius from the lab, I mean he's a genius with a ton of degrees with like 20 years but he's more human and quite funny.

As always I talk more about the characters and their relationships and the cases are just a back drop in my thoughts, well they are more interesting this season and kept me engaged definitely, we had two cases from the previous season - Temperance's father prison and consequential judgement which was quite emotional for me, it was definitely a difficult episode because I didn't knew which way I wanted things to go, but I was really happy with the results, there were a few tears; and Gormogon which was pretty disappointing, we had all this build up and the resolution ended up being super anti climatic - but yeah, what makes this show for me it's these characters.

Verdict: 7.93 out 10 stars

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