segunda-feira, 28 de setembro de 2015

Tackle Your TBR Wrap-Up

Hey guys, today I'm here to give my final and ultimate update on the Tackle Your TBR read-a-thon! I really loved these two weeks of trying to read my most, it gladly coincided with a time where I'm very pumped to read in general and am finding books that are keeping me interested enough to not put me on a slump (being a mood reader put me on so much mini slumps ugh). Anyway, let's see how I did these past weeks. 

My first goal was to read at least three hours a day during these two weeks and on the first one I did this perfectly, it was easy and fun and I was accomplishing so much but them on the weekend everything went down, ironically on the days that I have more free time I ended up reading less (cough netflix cough) and on the second week I kind of stopped to mark my times oops. But I did read everyday a good amount, even if not three hours it was easily more than one per day, so yeah. 

On my TBR, also on the first week I was doing great I finished 2 books, the novellas and 1 graphic novel of it, leaving 2 books and 2 graphic novels for the second week but well, I kind of trow that TBR to the skies and went with the flown. I'm a very mood reader and my physical book just wasn't going as quickly as my mood wanted so I switched which worked perfectly for me since I ended up reading 3 books on this week, when my most is usually 2 on good weeks. 

Overall on these two weeks I read 5 books, 4 novellas and 1 graphic novel, this gives me a grand total of 2237 pages! Wow, I'm impressed on myself *patches self on the back* And you guys, tell me all bellow on the commentaries how did your Tackle Your TBR read-a-thon went. 

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