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Disney Princess Book Tag

Hey guys, I don't think I ever did a tag here before but today is a great day to start! I wasn't tagged on this one but oh well, who cares I'll do it anyway because is all about Princess and I love it. This was originally created by Soudha of Of Stacks and Cup.

3 Princess Facts:
1. Belle was, is and always will be my favorite Disney Princess.
2. I collect (or try to) barbie (are they called barbies or just dolls) versions of the Disney Princess, I already own two different Cinderellas and one Ariel.
3. I also have about four different Tinkerbells on my shelves (I know she is a faery not a princess, just shhhh).

Snow White | Favorite Classic: All of the Sherlock novels and short stories, I read them for the first time when I was 15 for school and absolutely loved it, they are stories that from time to time I keep coming back.
Cinderella | Book that kept you reading past bedtime: oh well, there is a LOT of options for this one but I'll have to go with the Harry Potter series, it was definitely the first time that I stayed all night to finish a book (or various books on various nights), I read it for the first time on a vacation and I always ended up going to bed waaaaaaaay past bedtime to keep reading.
Aurora | Favorite classic romance: Now, I don't know if this has to be of a classic book or just a classic romance for me personally, I'll go with the personal because I'm not big into classics. The first ship that I remember is Mia and Michael, from The Princess Diaries series, I actually cried of happiness when they finally ended up together.
Ariel | A book about making sacrifices and fighting for your dreams: Tell the wind and fire by Sarah Rees Brennan basically crushed my soul and destroyed my dreams with that sacrifice so yeah.
Belle | Book with smart, independent main female character: Greta from The Scorpion Rules by Erin Bow, she is basically the queen of that group.
Jasmine | Book with character who challenged social conventions of his/her world: I'll go with a book about the real world now, The Art of Being Normal by Lisa Williamson, this book have characters that definitely don't fit the normative of our current society and is incredible showed how they deal with that.
Pocahontas | Book which ending was a roller coaster of emotions: See How They Run by Ally Carter, ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH THAT ENDING.
Mulan | Book with kick-ass female character: Aileana of The Falconer series, damn does this girl kick fae asses harder than anyone.
Tiana | Book with hard-working & self-made character: Elli from The Impostor Queen, she has to change her entire life after some events don't go as expected but she never quits, never wavers on front of hard work and at the end of the story is def a whole new person who grew out of her hard work.
Rapunzel | Book that features an artist: Da Vinci's Tiger by L.M. Elliott, I mean Da Vinci is featured on this one.
Merida | Book that features a mother-daughter relationship: Emmy & Oliver by Robin Benway, def shows some great family dynamics.
Anna & Elsa | Book with a great relationship between siblings: Now this may sound doubtful but I'll go with the relationship of the Heartstrikers clan from The Heartstrikers series by Rachel Aaron, now of course this doesn't apply to all of them but some of the best scenes of this series is between the brothers and sisters of this dragon clan.

That was it for me, if you want to do the tag please consider yourself tagged and leave the link for it bellow so I can check it out (if you have already done this, leave it too!).

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  1. I love this tag! Also, I have to check all these books mentioned here. They sound great!