terça-feira, 28 de fevereiro de 2017

New Year's Book Haul

As of right now I have a total of 70 books on my physical TBR, this is a big number for me, the biggest it has ever been and it's honestly scary, it would take me most of a year to read this quantity of books and this is not counting the ones that are part of series that I want to re-read and yeah... So, I'm trying to be a bit more a aware of the books that I buy.

I finally got my Sarah J. Maas collection, I only had her books on epubs but despite the ups and downs I knew I had to have these books on the physical format, I already read all of these. Also got Empire of Storms, but that was in December and it's the only one I still need to read.

Them I got a few other books that aren't Maas related, because sometimes I do that too

From these I already had read Ignite Me, but since I finally got a physical copy I did a re-read of the series and loved it again <3 I still need to read The Rose Society and The Raven King, but re-reads are necessary before I dive into it, and I already read Harry Potter the review should be up this week.

Tell me bellow if you see any favorites in here and for more bookish photos you can check out my instagram account.

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