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Reading Diary | November 2016

This will be an update of all the books that I read on November of 2016, with links to reviews already posted on the blog or a small impression on the story.

November was another weird month, I read 5 books which is one more than October (YAY!) but 4 of those were Heather Wells' books so idk, I guess I was in a very specific mood.

Nice Dragons Finish Last by Rachel Aaron
Series: Heartstrikers #1
Published on July 13, 2014 by Aaron/Bach, LLC

I REALLY like this series and wish it got more love from the bookish community out there because it combines a unique and imaginative world involving spirits, dragons and mages, with a great set of characters that are well rounded and fleshed out, while still maintaining a plot that keeps you at the edge of your seat because you honestly can't predict what will happen next.

This was a re-read for me and I love/shipped Julian and Marci even more, Marci is definitely my favorite (at least in this one), she is smart, strong minded and stands up for herself even if she goes against super magical dragons. I love this whole seer-batle but is clear this is only a set up to bigger things that come on the #2. The only thing that bothers me is that I can't seem to read this books quickly, it just took me forever to read it and that detached me a bit.

The Bride Wore Size 12 by Meg Cabot
Series: Heather Wells #5 
Published on September 24, 2013 by William Morrow

I also read numbers #2, #3 and #4 of the Heather Wells' series, but I will not do individual reviews because I don't have that much to say about these books.

The mysteries are always over the top and completely unbelievable, as much as it's to Heather to solve murders before the actual police, but I think that this is a plus side for the books, I mean this is Meg Cabot so you know you can't take it too serious and this just reminds you. The romance was okay for me, I got more into shipping them through the series but I honestly never was OMG SQUEAL levels of shipping. I really love Heather as a main character, she is strong but also has insecurities and definitely doesn't have her life all figure out by her 20-something, the fact that she has great female friendships through all the series and this series has no slut-shamming and actual bonding between ex and current girlfriend just sets it apart. Overall I really recommend this series.

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