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Reading Diary | October 2016

This will be an update of all the books that I read on October of 2016, with links to reviews already posted on the blog or a small impression on the story.

Oh, what happened to you October, it was such a slumpish month, I only managed to read 4 books (!) which was together with November my lowest reading month in quite a while... I wish I could say this was because I was studying so hard but yeah, no... Anyways, on to the books

By Your Side by Kasie West
Published on January 31, 2017 by HarperTeen
[This book was given to me by the Publisher. This in no way affected my opinion.]

This is my least favorite West's book but still is pretty awesome. I did thought that the library part was quite small (at first I actually thought the entire romance would pass in the weekend they stayed there) but no, it's only 30% I think of the story.

I liked the two main characters, even though the romance was more on the drama side than I usually enjoy it didn't took my enjoyment away, I wish the "love triangle" wasn't a thing that actually existed here and at least that it hadn't lasted so much. The way anxiety was represented was good but not great, I would have liked more about it.

Overall it was a super quick read and I had a good time reading it, as it always is with a Kasie West' book.

Overbite by Meg Cabot
Series: Insatiable #2
Published on July 5, 2011 by Harper Collins

I finally finished this duology, having read the first one back in 2008 or 2009 I was a bit scared of how this was going to go but it wasn't all bad, just wasn't all that good either. What I remembered of the first one was of being first surprised because I didn't knew what to expect of it and second to find it a good parody of the general YA vampire books that were being published at the time.

Overbite lacks the laugh out loud element the first installment had, this time around I didn't laugh and there wasn't any ironic remarks towards the general paranormal fiction. The plot pretty much takes over and there was a lot of things to go through, I don't remember if we have clues of what is going on behind the scenes in Insatiable but from what I gathered we hadn't, so it was basically a plot out of nowhere (or almost nowhere) all to be pulled of in one book only. It didn't ended up being the biggest plot ever done, it was predictable and the ending was rather rushed, but it was all terrible, it reminded me of the plots of the Mediator series, with some good paranormal stuff but overall never really blew my mind.

The thing that really bothered me is the characters and specially the love triangle. I thought we had dropped the Lucien side of the triangle at the end of Insatiable but apparently not, so instead of having an entire book full of banter between Meena and Alaric, we have Meena insisting on Lucien when we all know who the real ship is. I do not appreciate that last chapter, THAT ISN'T ENOUGH.

Also, because of this love triangle that dragged until the very, very, very end we don't get that much character development, since they insist in behaving the same ways and not seeing what is right in front of their freaking faces.

Despite this, the read was quickly in a typical Meg Cabot way and for me it wasn't that annoying while reading, but the more I think about it the less pleased I'm with this series ending. Only recommend if you really liked the first one or is like me that really doesn't like not finishing series.

Teen Idol by Meg Cabot
Published on July 26, 2005 by HarperTeen

Ugh, I very much didn't enjoyed this one, after finishing I tried to think any redeeming qualities to it, but I couldn't come up with any. If you want a story about a popularity in high school told by Meg Cabot I suggest you go with How to Be Popular, which touches in the same high school problems and is a much more fun and light read.

This one wasn't fun and light for me because the characters of this story are terrible people, like all of them except maybe two or three and I dare say that it was only because they had such little lines, this is a exaggerated version of high school stereotypes - slut-shamming, fat-shamming, a romance that has so many people involved and miscommunication, popular people that are horrible bullies but worshiped anyway, mean teachers - and how Jenny, with the help of a teen actor helps solves all these problems.

I didn't really understood the reason why we needed to have a celebrity in the middle of this story either, it was so random and it didn't added to anything, Jenny could have gone through the same journey with or without this dude. Maybe his character could have been substituted by the other counter part of the real ship and we would have them together for most of the book and actually ship them, just an idea.

Also, that whole Ask Annie thing was so bad, most of the time her counsels were terrible and I don't know who would let it be published, and Jenny is supposed to be this supper people person but she doesn't seem to have that much tact.

Oh well, when you're trying to catch up with old works of one of your favorite authors some will be bad, some will be good. Unfortunately this didn't worked out for me, on to the next adventure.

Size 12 Is Not Fat by Meg Cabot
Series: Heather Wells #1
Published on December 27, 2005 by William Morrow

WHY DID I WAITED SO LONG TO READ THE HEATHER WELLS SERIES????????? Idk, but I blame all the other blogger who are also Cabot's fans for not pushing this series harder on more people, this is best sorta of fun book you want to curl up with on a Sunday afternoon and loose yourself in, it will not change your life but it'll definitely keep you entertained to whole way through.

Heather is a great main character, in her late (?) twenties and trying to leave her teen fame behind and find her new path, which she isn't all that sure what is, is easy to sympathize and find yourself in her. She also ends up involved in a series of murders that turn up to be a super crazy plot (srly, is laughable) but I think that this makes it even more fun.

If you're a Cabot's fan, don't wait to start/catch up on this series.

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